Success Stories

These quotes have been given to Hope's Relief over the years.

  • Thank you! Purchased my first tube of cream and soap last week. I have tried EVERYTHING!! Nothing was working.  I am so happy to have come across something that actually works!  Mrs S.K. Pasquale,
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much!  Ms S Bathurst
  • Hopes Relief ...Will love you forever - thanks :-)  Ms K. Morgan
  • Hi, just wanted to say thanks for coming up with the Hope's relief cream. I am 28, has suffered from dry skin since birth.My mum gave me a pot of your relief cream 2 weeks ago. it is by far the most successful cream I have found, and the results were apparent within 24 hours. I find that so many of the other creams I have tried were really harsh on my skin, greasy and impractical. I can just use this cream and carry on working without getting my mouse all covered in goo. Thank you. Peter
  • After trying nearly every cream, lotion etc. on the market I discovered Hope's relief cream in my local health store and I am thrilled to report that dry skin I had on my upper arms have now almost gone and I can once more wear short sleeved tops. Thank you so much. Mrs. H. Walker
  • Hi, Just over a week ago, I bought a jar of your cream. I have had a few patches of dry skin for around 37 years - my elbows, knees particularly. I had to write and tell you that within a few days, all these areas showed remarkable change. Thank you for putting such an wonderful product on the market. Sue
  • I just wanted to sing the praises of your fabulous cream, my 4 year old daughter has suffered with dry skin for the last 3 winters and we have used cream after cream and to no avail. A friend recommended this cream and after just a week the difference in her skin is amazing. THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart for coming up with such a fantastic product. Angela Beynon
  • Just thought I'd let you know how much I am enjoying your Hope's Relief Shampoo. The many tar shampoos available on the market made me smell like a newly tarred road and didn't really give me the relief yours does! Ivana Santarelli
  • I have had dry skin on my head for years. It comes and goes depending on the weather, but the water in London aggravated the condition. I started using Hope's shampoo over a year ago and it has almost totally eliminated the problem. I don't worry about dry skin falling on my shirt or about having to wash my hair every day to get rid of dry skin. Thank you! Megan Macdonald
  • I have to congratulate you on the Hope's Relief Shampoo you produce. All my life I have had ongoing trouble with scalp conditions and I have tried a lot of different products, some at very expensive prices. Some treatments were more effective than others. Your product is not only a very reasonable price but brought relief so quickly I was amazed. It does exactly what you claim and I thoroughly recommend it to all who suffer the misery of similar conditions. Thank you so much.  Jo Sylvester