About Us

Our Motivation

As a consumer, it is becoming increasingly difficult to define exactly what is pure and natural. The 'catch phrase' in the skin care industry and consumer demand for organic and natural products in the market place has created blatant abuse of these words.

We are committed to making available the highest quality natural, unadulterated ingredients that have been combined with modern science to give you the best nature has to offer. Our team works hard to source the best natural products available, to provide effective skincare solutions, designed for modern life.

We as consumers have a personal choice to make healthier and more informed decisions. Until there is collective awareness and market pressure, the cosmetic and skin care industry will not change. The most prudent choice as a consumer is to become a label reader. Learn to discriminate and avoid the arsenal of ingredients that are potentially toxic or known irritants.

The products we promote:

  • Are free of skin irritants such as petrochemicals (including: paraffin, mineral oil, polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol, or sodium laureth / lauryl sulphate), genetically modified ingredients, synthetic or artificial colouring, fragrances and preservatives.
  • Are cruelty free. None of the products are tested on animals and with the exception of beeswax and honey in only a few of the products, there are no animal derived ingredients.
  • Are considerate to the environment - they are based on biodegradable ingredients, minimalist packaging and recyclable containers.

Tried and tested

The products we promote are all tried & tested personally!

We value and encourage your testimonials and feedback. This ensures the products we distribute continue to meet a high standard of excellence and assists us in providing only the best products that we know our customers truly enjoy and benefit from. Our greatest reward are your comments, suggestions or experience.