FAQs - Hope's Relief Bar

Q – Why has Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar been created?

A - The Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar has been formulated to cleanse and moisturise without irritating your skin. It is a soap free alternative that restores the normal pH balance of the skin, and so is especially suitable for those with sensitive skin prone to dryness.

Q – If I use Hope's Relief Cream, do I also need to use the Cleansing Bar?

A - The Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar is an integral part of the Hope's Relief Therapeutic Skincare range. The Cleansing Bar has been formulated to work with the Hope's Relief Therapeutic cream, as regular soaps often have perfumes and harsh detergents added which can irritate sensitive skin. To obtain maximum benefits for your skin, it is recommended that the Cream and Cleansing bar are used together. 

Q - What are the main ingredients?

A - The Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar contains 3 active – natural ingredients

Manuka Honey – Well known for its natural antibiotic properties and research has shown numerous benefits for skin health and healing. Manuka honey contains the enzyme glucose oxidase, which provides its anti-bacterial properties.

Aloe Vera - Contains 75 potentially active constituents including vitamins,enzymes, minerals and amino acids. Together these provide anti-inflammatory benefits and help support skin healing.

Calendula - Supports new tissue growth and conditions delicate skin.

Q – How does the Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar work?

A - The Hopes Relief Cleansing Bar 3-in-1 action:

1. Moisturises –penetrates deep to soften dry skin

2. Soothes – ideal for irritated skins

3. Regenerates – leaves skin feeling soft and supple

Q - Are all the ingredients in Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar natural/organic?

A - Yes, they are completely natural and certified organic where possible. 

Q – Is Hopes Relief Cleansing Bar Suitable for sensitive skin?

A - Yes. It is 100% free from perfumes, sodium laurel sulphate, artificial colours, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oils and coal tar.

Q - Do the ingredients contain any animal products?

A - No, but Manuka honey is insect derived.

Q – Is the Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar safe for pregnant women, babies and young children?

A - Yes, it is gentle enough to use on the face and bodies of babies from 6 months, children, adults and anyone with sensitive skin.

Q – If I don't have any particular skin concerns, is the Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar still good for me to use?

A – Yes, the Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar is also a perfect alternative to soap for maintaining overall healthy skin.

Q – How often should I use the Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar?

A – The Hopes Relief Cleansing Bar is very safe and gentle to use, and should be used with every wash instead of soap.

Q – How should the Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar be used?

A - Wet skin and use the Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar as you would normally use soap. Rinse then pat skin gently to dry.

Always read the product directions before use. The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only and should not be regarded as a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your pharmacist of doctor if you have any queries about the suitability of the products.