Based on a traditional recipe handed down through generations, our shampoo bars are not detergent based but made from saponified vegetable oils. Being 100% plant based and vegan, our shampoo bars will not strip all of the natural oils from your hair. Instead it removes only the excess oil, dirt and grime and leaves some of the natural oils intact to keep your skin and hair healthy, naturally.

1 bar is equivalent to 2 x bottles of shampoo

J.R. Liggett was first introduced to making soap at the very early age of 5.
His Great Aunt Ann who lived in Denman, Nebraska got him to help make her yearly batch of soap. This soap was all purpose from bathing, doing dishes and general cleaning. J.R. really enjoyed the process of making all purpose soaps and continued this practical and artistic hobby until 40 years ago when he discovered a traditional recipe card stuck in a very old book. The recipe was for “Hair Soap” and caught J.R.’s attention. He made up a batch and started by giving bars to friends and family as gifts. He soon had people asking for more and the rest is history!
JR Liggett's is situated on the banks of the Connecticut River, where all products are manufactured in Cornish, New Hampshire on a 250-year-old farm.
They have always been A ZERO WASTE company and their key focus is consciousness toward ecology and their promoting customers wellbeing. All 100% natural, pure and edible plant oils.