BASS Fusion Freestanding Brush - Striped

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The new Fusion brush is a unique and patent protected brush that stands upright on a table. Anatomically designed it makes brushing more comfortable and promotes hygiene as the brush can stand up by itself.

The outer section of bamboo pins separate and glide easily through the hair so the centre core of natural bristles can reach the deeper layers capturing and distributing more natural oils for superior conditioning and shining.

The unique free-standing handle conforms to the natural contours of a grasping hand and employs a 5-degree posterior tilt of the brush head which allows the wrist to remain in a more neutral position for improved comfort and diminished strain.

natural & sustainable

Not vegan due to natural bristles


Bass brushes are one of the leading brush manufacturers in the USA with a strong reputation for classic design, natural materials, innovation, and value. Bass Brushes offer a range of luxury grade, professional quality, durable brushes. Proud to be made from sustainable materials bamboo and biodegradable plant starch with low carbon production.

Product care

Use a cleaning brush and swipe along the comb to remove hairs and particles. Dip the cleaning brush in warm water and soap. Swipe the comb with the cleaning brush. Repeat with clean water to rinse.

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