BASS BioFlex Style and Detangle - wood pins, purple handle

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The ‘Bio Flex’ range is effective, affordable, durable, and certified 95% biodegradable with a patented plant-based handle made from cassava, potato, and corn starch! These are a manufacturing breakthrough as they built to last for many years and eventually break down in landfill once discarded to become a natural fertiliser.


The BIO-FLEX Style smoothly glides through the hair for a clean even finish. It pairs beautifully with other Bass Brushes.

Wood pins can withstand the heat of prolonged use of professional hairdryers unlike some nylon pins which melt over time.

  • natural & sustainable
  • Vegan

Product care

Product care Use a cleaning brush and swipe along the comb to remove hairs and particles. Dip the cleaning brush in warm water and soap. Swipe the comb with the cleaning brush. Repeat with clean water to rinse.

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